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Everything is top notch…

Some of my earliest memories are of me being in a stroller in Kretchmar’s bakery. It’s hard to write this review without simply listing the entire menu of offerings Kretchmar’s has on a daily basis. Everything is top notch, and I honestly believe this is the best bakery in western Pennsylvania.

The sweets:
Donuts are almost always sold out by 10:30am. Their cake donuts are my personal favorite, but the cinnamon swirl and the raised glaze are super good too. The blueberry muffins are super moist and all of the danishes are amazing. I love the maple nut danish, the almond danish, and the lemon cheese pocket. The cookies, especially the decorated figure cookies, are unlike any other. Soft, chewy, but crumbly. Nothing is sickenly sweet, everything is flavorful and delicious. PRO TIP: if they have large petit forts: like chicks for Easter, frogs for saint patty’s, etc. get one! They are my favorite.

Kretchmar’s burnt almond torte is the best in America. Prantl’s fans- please get your story straight! This is the **best** burnt almond torte.

The savories:
Any of the savory focaccias are great for lunch. Lots of options- all good. Cobblestone bread is my grandparents favorite. Toasted it’s honestly a delicacy. The butter flake rolls are in the table for every holiday.

One thing I would change: bring back the orange chiffon angelfood cake to the regular lineup.