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Hank's Hankering

Kretchmar’s Focaccia Bread
tomato focaccia

Kretchmar’s Focaccia bread starts with a spongy white bread flatten and baked. Kretchmar’s then tops the focaccia with Romano tomato, virgin olive oil, extra sharp New York cheddar and finishes it with a mix of spices. Hank’s got a hankering for focaccia for the month of January. Stop in and try one today!

Torte of the Month

Banana Cream Torte
Banana Cream Torte

This torte starts with Kretchmar’s own banana cake. It is filled with Banana flavored Pastry Creme filling and then iced in Banana Fluff Icing. Finally we garnish it with Nilla wafers and Graham Cracker crumbs. You’ll want to split it with friends.