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Solar Eclipse Cookies

2024 Solar Eclipse

Banana Split Torte

Banana Split Torte

The Banana Split Torte is made with a layer of chocolate cake smack in the middle of two layers of...

Got Valentine’s

Kretchmar’s has Gone Granola!

Bakery customers who are health conscience or like to indulge can find something to love in granola. Its unique combination of crunchy, sweet, and nutty flavors make it the perfect snack for anyone looking to try something new.

Groundhog Phil Cake Eggs

It’s Time to Phil-up

Hippy themed cookies

Hippy Dippy Cut-Out Cookies

The 1960s was a decade of peace, love, and flower power. What better way to bring back the nostalgia of...

Halloween Certificates

Halloween Certificates Available Now!

Hot Summer Nights Car Cruise

Happy Birthday Mr.Rogers

tomato focaccia

Kretchmar’s Focaccia Bread

Kretchmar’s Focaccia bread starts with a spongy white bread flatten and baked. Kretchmar’s then tops the focaccia with Romano tomato,...