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12" - Decorated Gourmet Cookie 12" - Decorated Gourmet Cookie12" DECORATED CHOC CHUCK COOKIE25.44
7"-Deco Grmt Choc Chunk 7"-Deco Grmt Choc ChunkKretchmar's Gourmet Chocolate Chunk baked in a 7" pan and decorated like the top of a birthday cake.14.56
Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Chunk This cookie has three kinds of chocolate and is 1/3 chocolate by weight.1.95
Holiday Heart Large Deco. Gourmet Holiday Heart Large Deco. GourmetDecorated Gourmet Chocolate Chunk in large heart shape.14.35
Holiday Heart Small Deco. Grmt Holiday Heart Small Deco. GrmtDecorated 4" Heart Gourmet Chocolate Chunk.5.72
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