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Almond Cup Almond CupThe almond cup is one of Kretchmar's Bakery's famous fancy pastries. It has a soft cake like texture with an almond flavor. Sliced almonds are then sprinkled on top.0.73
Assorted Fancy Pastries Assorted Fancy PastriesAn assortment of bitesized pastries.0.73
Cheese Dainty Cheese DaintyThe cheese dainty is a cream cheese base fancy pastry. It has a graham cracker crust with some as garnish on top. If you like Kretchmar's cheese danish you'll love these little treats. This product holds up better when refridgerated.0.73
Cocoa Kiss Cocoa KissCocao Kiss fancy pastry is a chocolate cookie with a Hershey Kiss pressed into the middle for a rich and delicious treat. 0.73
Divinity Cup Divinity CupThe divinity cup is a cookie type fancy pastry made mostly of powdered sugar. A chocolate kiss can be found in the center.0.73
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