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Signature - Barbie Doll Cake Signature - Barbie Doll Cakethe 8" cake with an actual Barbie doll in the center. The cake is made to look like a dress.67.00
Signature - Dora and Diego Signature - Dora and DiegoA half of sheet cake sculpted into a sceen for Diego and Dora to explore.67.00
Signature - Spider-Man Building Signature - Spider-Man BuildingA 1/4 Sheet cake with an 1/8 sheet made to look like a building.67.00
Signature - Tiki Cabana Hut Signature - Tiki Cabana HutAn ¼" sheet cake with a 1/8 of sheet and 3 cupcakes on top decorated as tiki cabana hut.67.00
Signature - Thomas the Train Signature - Thomas the TrainHalf sheet cake carved into the scene with a tunnel and trussel for Thomas and Percy67.00
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